Which payment options do I have?

Online orders to be delivered at home or at a package pickup point can be paid with iDeal, Paypal, Bank transfer.

What is Mollie?

All our online payments are made through our payment provider Mollie, whose name may appear in the address bar of your browser during the completion of your payment, or afterwards in the payment details in your bank account.

Invoices and VAT

The invoice is the proof of your online purchase. We always send it as an attachment in the email of your shipping confirmation.

Legeri focuses exclusively on private consumers, i.e. business-to-consumer (B2C). We do not have a business-to-business (B2B) sales model. It is, of course, possible for a business to purchase from us, but these purchases cannot be made VAT-free. We sell products to private consumers and, therefore, have no space in the ordering process to enter a VAT number.

Used items and some new products that come from old stocks are subject to the Margin VAT.

Refunds of online purchases

The way you receive a refund depends on how you paid for your online purchase.